Leslie Stoner Studio

It’s been said, “We often need the darkness to feel the release to the light.” This statement encapsulates my work and my life.


Painting with Encaustic allows me to slow down my thoughts and reflect inward. As I work, the image evolves in layers according to the chances of the materials and the seasons of my emotions. Because my medium is organic, layered, and hard to predict, when I paint I play at the intersection of risk and promise. The result is a deception of surfaces, where control slips into accident and back again.


My materials come from nature—beeswax, pigment, oil, and tree resin. My tools are purposeful: the razor blade, the spatula, and the Hogs hair bristle brush. Fire is the element that blends and merges them.


My subject matter is the natural world, abstracted, with a balance between dreamlike light and inky dark. Each work is infused with scarred texture, scattered pockmarks, sharp incisions, and misty gradients. I think of my paintings as windows into a world not quite ours but still shrouded with familiarity so the viewer can imagine themself wandering through it, with places for the soul to shine and places for the soul to hide.


I believe that everything beautiful has a darkness. My paintings are reflections of my struggle to find inner peace with the dark and the light.